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Personal Injury.


It only takes an instant for an accident to change your life. It only takes a single act of carelessness or wrongdoing to jeopardize the future you have worked so hard to build. At The DAYE Firm, we recognize the true impact a serious injury can have on our clients’ lives and respond with both urgency and compassion.

We are committed to the pursuit of justice on behalf of the injured and have found considerable success in this pursuit, fueled by our passion for honest efforts and supporting those in need. We work to obtain the best awards possible for injury victims. We have successfully obtained settlements for our clients in a variety of injury cases, some of which are listed here:

Uber and Lyft accidents
Drunk driving accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Products defects
Pedestrian injuries
Premises liability
Slip and fall accidents
Medical malpractice
Car accidents
Big rig and truck accidents
Slip and falls
Dog bites
Gym accidents
Bicycle accidents
Wrongful death

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