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Wage and Hour Violations.


Employers must pay their employees for all hours worked, including payment at the legal overtime or double-time rate for non-exempt employees. Many employees are denied overtime compensation and only paid at their normal hourly rate for all overtime hours. In general, employees should be paid at time-and-a-half for all hours beyond 8 in one day, and double-time for all hours worked beyond 12 in one day. Some employers misclassify employees as exempt in order to avoid paying overtime in violation of the law.


Employers are required to keep a record of all the time their employees work. However, you should maintain a record for yourself of all hours worked, including meal and rest breaks.


Additionally, employees cannot be prohibited from taking a meal or rest breaks and may be entitled to penalties if you have not been permitted to take a meal or rest break.


You should seek legal advice if you believe your employer is not paying you according to the law or if your employer is denying you meal and rest breaks. Remember to keep documentation of all of your hours worked, including breaks, and work expenses.

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